Kotzias: "Well for the common good work together and common prosperity" POLITICS

In close cooperation and vote for the political dimension of the international relations vehicle and link culture of the world to stabilize in an unstable time, Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias the Forum of Ancient Civilizations step called 10 states representing ancient cultures with high Axiomatouchon- the majority of the foreign minister at the time at Zappeion.

"We draw civilizations, in the best way, the current Mr. Osmo. We want to separate for the common good, for the common good, not themselves, from others. But to make it even more pressing message of peace, culture transfers, "said Mr Kotzias, explaining that the joint request with the Minister of Foreign Affairs was not coincidental:" We have a special historical relationship with China based on mutual respect and understanding of the World in which we live, and we have the common question of how to use the elements of our culture in a way beneficial, productive to all of us and to mankind. "

" If we find and understand "took the Greek Minister of Foreign Affairs of some and even" at a time coined by economic and negative policy "what we unite, then we have an important step to promote peace and peace Cooperation in the world ", which we must begin to coordinate more closely and project the cultural dimension of international relations. "

Mr Kotzias explained that today's initiative is linked to the work of the United Nations and UNESCO and principles, and proposed that the next forum of these two bodies invite. "We begin," he said, "the forum of Athens is somehow and the cultural capital. We know that in the modern dominated by hard power but telika- and that is my opinion those who speak the language of soft power and convince those who are an example based on principles and values ​​and visions. In other words, we have culture with both concepts. Culture as a way of life as principles of existence and culture as creative breeding and rejuvenating middle forms and housing structures. "

Referring to Mr. Kotzia's connection cultures emphasized that" the Greek civilization would not survive without the Roman imperial era was the mother of multinational political units diffusion of civil rights and administration throughout the Mediterranean and beyond. And if he did not survive in the way that Greek culture had survived it from intellectuals in the Arab world did not metalampadeftei. A world developed in areas produced great civilizations. In Babylonia, Mesopotamia, Egypt, and beside them this great civilization of ancient Iran. "It is great, our cultures do not belong to us, belong to all mankind," said Mr Kotzias, explaining the concept of Greek diplomacy "culture for our soft power is equally effective in our opinion of the". "

Military superiority or economic hegemony. As culture grows in the minds and hearts of people, but also in the core of politics, we need what we call political culture. We must respect tolerance towards each other the opinion and the existence of chreiazomaste- and many countries have xechasei culture of consensus and compromise. Courage and strength, resistance and fighting power for rights and justice. The culture thus helps in the development of relationships based on values ​​and principles, brings different, but brings a wealth.

Meanwhile, the Greek Foreign Minister has also described the third aspect of culture as a global and economic power, a culture industry that creates jobs. "Think," said "research and education. The modern design, tourism related to cultural achievements and these three elements of culture: the actuality of financial strength, the ability to connect the world in a troubled time with the new features and stabilize, which brings us the fourth industrial Revolution or second era of machines. Linked and have in this forum to connect with the use of the Internet by developing applications in the mobile phone such as tours to historical sites, surfing in our cities to develop the great cultural heritage. Also play souvenirs in three-dimensional forms, which we do together of video games, to turn movies, give us all these new technological possibilities for cooperation and promotion of common values ​​and principles. We can also develop our intercultural relations with monuments and urban networks. "

specifically for forum today Mr. Kotzias, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs more than half a year, an idea that comes from the decades of 90 get up here. "The Forum," he said, "is an element of a particular perception that we have international relations, an element for a positive agenda to develop, such as the collaboration between our cultures through several partnerships in all areas, on a form Of the States. "Connection

In conclusion, he said that" it will generate to us all a positive culture, positive agenda in international relations. To use the power of our mind for good, peace and progress "shows that" even a country in a deep crisis, such as Greece, make use of the great culture. "

(Source: RES – MPA)

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Before the squat behind Yankees Plate, Austin Romine Brush Away Missgeschick

If it is the duty of a catcher to soak the punishment and get the best out of others, Romine has these lessons Self-imposed and set aside the frustrations of the game. Durable enough, so that he, a formerly bright prospect, might have another chance to flourish.

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After I was surprised that he surprised the Yankees last season, Romine surprised others as he has been playing since Sanchez, a budding star who had two weeks ago with a Biceps injury.

In his place, Romine has met .324, with a .840 on-base-plus-slugging percentage, while also earning plaudits for the management of pitchers who have a 3.13 run average run when he Behind the plate. The Yankees have won eight of the 10 games Romine has begun.

On Saturday, he broke Jameson Taillons no-hitter with two outs in the fifth, the first of his two hits and scored a run in the Yankees' 11-5 victory over the pirates

] Although his stint as a major league can not last long – Sanchez has begun to throw a bat and swing and is expected to return in two weeks – Romine is awesome An opportunity that has taken so long to arrive.

A second round design in 2007, Romine, at one point, looked like the legacy obviously for Jorge Posada. He was the Yankees Mines league player in 2009 and 2011 and twice he played in the MLB futures game, delivering the game-winning hit of Kansas City All-Star Savior Kelvin Herrera in 2011.

Among the Roman team-mates, the day was the future All-Stars Bryce Harper, Matt Harvey, Jason Kipnis, Nolan Arenado, Paul Goldschmidt and Wil Myers.

But Romine rattled and watched the Yankees' trust in him as weak as she signed free agents (Russell Martin and Brian McCann), made trades (Chris Stewart) and promoted catchers in the organization (Francisco Cervelli, Jesus Montero And John Ryan Murphy).

"My trip was one of many crazy circumstances," said Romine, 28, who spent the last season as the support to McCann, only after Sanchez had a terrible spring and shot .091. "It was hard to be overtaken, sent down, overlooked by any other team, not wanted – you can put anything you want on it – but all it did was put a chip on my shoulder and a positive chip, To prove to anyone I can do to prove anybody's wrong, that says I can not. "

Photo Romine suggests a brother-bat, run-scoring single during the last week series against the White Sox . Faced with the injured Gary Sanchez, Romine has met .324 and has praise for the way he has rooted. Credit Brad Penner / USA Today Sport, Via Reuters

Romine said he had come through his grief to understand how important it is to enjoy the game, to find joy in his mundane details, Which can beat a player. He also has his resentment against Cervelli for his use of high-performance drugs discovered in the baseball biogenesis investigation and led to a 50-game suspension in 2013. (Montero was also suspended in the biogenesis scandal after he

On the weekend, Romine shared home plate with Cervelli, which was traded in 2014 to Pittsburgh, where he flourished, received a three-year, 31 million dollar extension after the last Season

Romine said in an interview last season that he had been bothering that he had competed against a player with PEDs. Reminded recently of these comments, Romine said that they were normal feelings for someone in his position and "I do not have any ill will to anybody, I wish him the best, you have the value you make for yourself, I have nothing Done to build my stock into something more than I was, which was a backup and a triple-A player. "

Cervelli said before the series began that Romine had never expressed any antipathy against him

" He has the right to say something he wants, "said Cervelli Do not be crazy When he feels so over me, it's cool. He has the right to say that. I know why I did it, and that is it. I do not have to tell anyone. He has the opportunity now, and he always has the opportunity to play with the Yankees. He is a good view. He is an amazing catcher. "

The players were warm on Friday night and called each other, but it did little more.

The irreconcilable nature of the baseball business is something that Romine has long since experienced, his older brother, Andrew Romine, was an outfielder for the Boston Red Sox in the late 1980s and early 1990s when he was a team colleague of Austin's position coach with the Yankees, Tony Pena

Kevin Romine got his shot with the Red Sox when the midfielder Ellis Burks was injured in 1989. He filled And found himself as the opening actress in 1990, hit two doubles of Detroit's Jack Morris to help Roger Clemens at Fenway Park, and less than a month later, the Red Sox acted for Tom Brunansky, who had the power E, which Romine lacked. Two years later he returned to southern California and became a cop.

"It's a very – I do not want it to be a deal – but it's realism," Kevin Romine said in a telephone interview. "What did you do for me today, you are who you are, you do not try to make excuses, and you try to be better, but the game owes you nothing."

There is little secret about why he is now ready for the opportunity that his father has told his sons would always come, whether there were four four racquets, four games or four weeks

No longer is he " A get out on the plate "as he says he was in 2013 when he hit .207 while serving as a backup most of the season after Cervelli broke his hand. He no longer tries to pull any space, and he uses the whole field. His home run and his two halves were on the right field, and he has only drawn five of the 33 balls he put into play.

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"Austin holds his eyes in the middle of the field, and if you do, you can meet several places and live with the results," said the supporting coach Alan Cockrell. "You can only treat a small small area when you try to pull everything."

The tank coach Larry Rothschild, who is typically measured in his praise, praised the work of Rome with the staff of the Yankees. The team of E.R.A. Was lower with Romine behind the plate last season (3.88 compared to McCann's 4.18 and Sanchez's 4.41), and Rothschild said that Romine had excellent non-verbal communication techniques as with his glove to emphasize that he had a pitch from the Strike zone.

Romine also takes the detailed scouting reports and knows when they have to reject them.

"The healthy understanding of human beings is the end result," said Rothschild. "When you're watching a game, things may happen that go against the reports and you have to react, and he's doing a really good job." The hitter gives you the road map and tells you, sometimes with bad swings "

All this is the more modest approach plate, and the canny spirit behind it has dragged Romine beautifully and precisely at the right time. Recently, Sanchez will return, and the current support, Kyle Higashioka, hit 21 homers in the small leagues last season.

Nevertheless, Romine's circumscribed journey has not blunted his ambition

"I still want to start, I still think I can start," said Romine. "It's going to be hard here, obviously, but every guy who sits here and says he's a good backup, there's no drive.I want to be no backup.It's my job right now and I want the best job I can make for the other 24 guys in the room, but I work for something bigger and better. "[1945931] Correction: April 23, 2017

An earlier version of this Article abused the Yankees record in games that Austin Romine has begun this season. They have won eight out of ten games, not nine out of 11.

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Homer-hitting Mets can blast, but not bleed

Collins says he is not overly concerned. He insisted that the Mets would eventually have a nine-game victory streak.

Yes, he has to say such things, but Collins does not see Mets meet Homeruns, they are almost helpless. On Sunday they had a lead of Michael Conforto and a double Homer by Neil Walker. Apart from that, nobody led them to the bases against Scherzer.

"The ideal team is to have seven guys who run with dealers and meet inmates, steal bases, defend and defend," Collins said with a laugh. "But you have to look at the strengths of your team and you have to use your strengths I listen to a lot of comments:" You have to be more colorful "I ask guys to fail, they do not bark We are not a bunting team. He went on, "So my job is to put these guys in situations where their strengths are playing and they do not let go and use their weaknesses. That's how we're built, and you have to "

Prior to Sunday, the Mets finished second with the majors in Homers, with 27, but only two teams had fewer doubles. Only three teams had a lower batting average than the Mets .211. The Mets took third place in walks, but were last in stolen bases.

The Mets also had the oldest group of position players in the National League, with an average age of 30.3 years and speed rarely ages. The Mets have Jose Reyes, the last big league with 75 or more stolen bases in a season. But that was in 2007, and Reyes, now 33, has seven hits in 67 at-bats – a .104 average – until Sunday, when Collins put him back into the lineup after giving him a mental break on Saturday.

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"When I'm on the ground, I can do a lot of things, and I can not do that yet," Reyes said after Collins named him. "So this is kind of frustrating to me because the game I play is on the base, makes things happen, steal bases, scoring runs, and stuff like that, the stuff is good for your ball club, and I feel that I can not make it so far. "

It is too much to rely on this version of Reyes to be more than a role-playing player. But the Mets are not teeming with options. In addition to the injured corner infielders – Lucas Duda and David Wright – they miss the versatile Wilmer Flores. Collins wanted to catch Travis the Arnaud on Sunday but the Arnaud said his injured right wrist was still sore. (He pressed into the eighth and hit.)

Then there is Yoenis Cespedes, who missed his third start in a series on Sunday with a left thigh tightening. Since the trade for Cespedes in 2015, the Mets are 114-81 when it starts and 18-27, if not. He was ready to pinch on Sunday, and he said he was expecting him to be ready for the next game of the Mets.

Even though the Mets lineup is in full force, however, its basic nature will not change. The Mets are intrepid power-Hitler, a leading example of modern striking ethos: Do not worry about Singles or subtlety, just to do the census and cause harm. In the past season, they were fifth in the majors in Homer's, 25th in the batting average, and 28th in. But also with a hatred of pitching injuries, they gained the top N.L. Wild Card Spot

Now the Mets are top three starting crowns, which means that the team approach – as insane as it can be – has a chance to work.

"That's the good thing about it," said Outfielder Curtis Granderson, "knowing that even if we do not score a few runs, if our pitching team does what they are capable of, keep us Easy in the ball game, we can find ways to do it without being a certain kind of team. "

Dominant pitching, with the hope of a bloop and an explosion. This formula does not work quite yet, but for the Mets it is their best – and only – choice.

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Rangers Ride Henrik Lundqvist in the second round

When the Canadians are waiting for price to dominate this series, they were sadly disappointed. The price was solid enough, but he was not Lundqvist. He lashed, glove side, on Mats Zuccarellos's wrist shot out of the right circle in the second period during a Rangers Power Play, without a screen to distract him. This goal ran the score at 1-1, ignited the garden mass and changed the complexion of the game.

Photo Lundqvist had 1.70 goals against the average and a .947 saving percentage in the series. Credit Minas Panagiotakis / Getty Images

"It's a blessing," Zuccarello said. "It is not every day that you hit Carey Price so much, it's a power-play goal."

A second goal from Zuccarello was tougher to stop, Because it came at the end of a tick-tack-toe passing game. The prize got his left leg on the puck. He just did not get enough and distracted it back into the net.

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Lundqvist finished the series with eye-catching statistics: a savings rate of .947 and a 1.70 goals against the average. In Game 6, he held firmly in the face of a full-out Montreal attack during the first period. He let the Rangers hang around long enough to find their legs.

As far as the Rangers played before Lundqvist in this series, Lundqvist played even better behind them.

"We were introduced to a goalkeeper who was undoubtedly their best player," said Canadiens coach Claude Julien. "We had more chances than the other team, and in the end we could not pass it to their goalkeeper."

What this all means ultimately is uncertain, because there is a significant reservation for early post-season success The Rangers. They have from the complex playoff system of the N.H.L. And the union of the players As a transplanted wildcard, the Rangers live a relatively comfortable existence in the Atlantic Division braces and avoid two significantly superior metropolitan opponents – Washington and Pittsburgh – until at least the Eastern Conference finals.

Photo Ryan McDonagh and the Rangers finally came up against Brendan Gallagher and the Canadians. Credit Seth Wenig / Associated Press

When the Rangers win a second round against Ottawa, still a good but not big Atlantic team, then they fall to the penguins or capitals, will they have proved a lot?

For now, they can only beat the teams they face.

"I'll have a glass of wine tonight, maybe two," said coach Alain Vigneault after the victory of game 6. "We'll get ready, what we've done in the course of the year, we've played a game, never before ourselves."

The Rangers have some things at the moment. Zuccarello, a perpetual motion machine, is in good shape. The other top scorers of the team, Rick Nash and Michael Grabner, have come around. The house fans have become louder, more intense. Perhaps the garden is not quite Bell Center, but Saturday night the place did not feel like a family picnic.

However, the actual difference-maker remains blue in No. 30. For more than a decade, the face of the franchise has lived ironically behind the most hidden mask. Lundqvist will tell you that a goalkeeper needs to be concentrated and that he requires a predictable, defensive structure from his team-mates. A clear line of sight always helps. This is a bit of luck, which made it clear against Plekanec.

"I knew I was in trouble because I was not in good condition," said Lundqvist. "It was just a desperation, luckily he did not put it in the far corner."

There is considerable good and bad luck involved in this flipper hockey game. The Rangers got lucky in 2000 when no one designed a certain young Swedish goalkeeper before the seventh round, chose No. 205. There were only two rounds for the record.

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LeBron James makes a timely reminder of his size

Playoff LeBron collected 33 points, 10 rebounds and 4 assists. Playoff LeBron shouldered the crime by trying to shoot 25 shots, most of them layups. Playoff LeBron placed on the Pacers star Paul George as a Velcro and limited him to 15 points. And Playoff LeBron made the big shot, a 3-pointer over Pacers Center Myles Turner with just over a minute left.

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James, who was trying to create space against Turner, waited – waited for Turner to give him an opening. As soon as Turner dropped his hands, James had it.

"Trust my mechanics, familiarize myself with what I do," said James, who after the game was wearing a sweatshirt with flames on the sleeves. "It went down."

The Cavaliers, the second seed in the Eastern Conference, bought themselves some time before facing the Toronto Raptors or the Milwaukee Bucks in a conference semifinals. These teams are bound to two games in their first round – and it is worth emphasizing that this is typical. These series are usually grind.

The Boston Celtics, the top seed in the East, lost the first two games of their series against the Chicago Bulls. The San Antonio Spurs, who finished the regular season with the second best record in the league, are tied in two games with the Memphis Grizzlies from the West. Even the warriors, who are a victory of sweeps of the Portland Trail Blazers, are finished with adversities – their coach, Steve Kerr, is concerned with chronic back problems. Kerr told reporters on Sunday that he could miss the rest of the playoffs.

In the meantime, James has developed a habit to treat the first round like a starter before digging into a playoff buffet. His teams have not lost a first round in 12 career playoffs. And his teams have won 21 straight games from the first round.

"Great coaching," said Cavalier's coach Tyronn Lue, Deadpan.

James was overlooked in the conversation about this year's most valuable player prize. It is understandable in many respects. Oklahoma City's Russell Westbrook, Houston's James Harden and San Antonio's Kawhi Leonard have put together spectacular seasons. Each of them would have earned it.

All that James made during the regular season scored 26.4 points a game, while the career level at assists (8.7) and rebounds (8.6) But the cavaliers were uneven – their defense , For a major part of the season, had the consequence of yogurt – and perhaps James's basketball genius feels too familiar. He has put an impossible bar for himself.

Nevertheless, in the playoffs, there is no one with more command of the stage. The Pacers wilted when they had their chances. In game 1, C. J. Miles missed in the final seconds, and the cavaliers escaped with a 1-point victory. In Game 3, the Pacers built a 26-point lead. The Cavaliers won with 5, as James had 41 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists.

On Sunday, James dotted his on-site warm-up by taking a series of turnaround, Fadeaway jumper by 22 feet. He wore in-ear headphones, a staple of his pregame ensemble, as Pacers fans who were in court, gawked and photographed and feared the worst.

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Sure enough, for the fourth time in his career, James helped to eliminate the Pacers from the playoffs, even if the sweep masked what else were competitive games. The Cavaliers surpassed the Pacers with only 16 points in the course of the series.

"It's really frustrating to continue losing the same team or the same person," George said. "Really frustrating."

James reflected on his third quarter against Young – and, more precisely, everything that had preceded him. James attempts to pass the ball to Kyrie Irving. But Young chased the pass, and it climbed to Miles, who sent it back to Young, who crossed the other path. James said he could hear the voices of coach from his childhood in his head: Do not give up on the game.

"The last thing I'll do after sales, just let it happen," he said. "So I have to come back."

It is the engine that drives James and his team drives. On Sunday, the Cavaliers moved a step closer to their favorite goal.

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Casey Carrigan, a pole vaulter of Orting, Wash., Made the Olympic team for the 1968 Mexico City World Cup. At 17 clock, "the Tiger Woods of Pole Vaulting" rises before his time

Games as a 17-year -old and later a national highschool record of 17 feet, 4 3/4 inches, but his jumping career continued in Anticlimax. He found satisfaction as a firefighter.

Bell, the former world record holder and a friend of the Duplantis family, said Mondo Duplantis had been happy to have parents who understand patience and training to get a career.

"There is no big red flag," said Bell. "He's in a good place with lots of good help."

At first glance, Duplantis, thin and rangy at 5 feet 10 inches and 145 pounds, does not seem to be a world-class vaulter. Many are larger than 6 feet and heavier. But he can plunge a basketball, his father said, and has jumped long 23 feet 3 inches. It also carries the anchor leg on the 4×100 meter relay from Lafayette High. Its cleavage has been hand-trapped in 10.55 seconds.

He has developed a force that is specific to his event, partly by hanging like a bat in the backyard and doing reverse pull-ups

"He is fearless," said Gavin Nettles, 18, a senior at Barbe High in Lake Charles, La., Who regularly competes against Duplantis. "He looks at the bar and says," I'm flying over it. I take it. "

Photo of Duplantis at home." He is fearless, "said Gavin Nettles, a high school competitor. Credit Edmund D. Wells for the New York Times

There may be no event in the route and field technically More demanding than the pole vault, which requires a jogging, gymnastic transition from horizontal speed to vertical lift.

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"Mondo is probably the best job of anybody in the world right now in maximizing the "Said Jeff Hartwig, a former American record holder and an agent who represents an elite pro vaulters.

A technique favored by many vaulters is, The front knee is high, and the spine is swinging upwards like a pendulum, but Duplantis believes that he creates more impulses by pushing both legs in a retro st Il of vaulters who once built rigid rods of bamboo and aluminum.

Duplantis uses fiberglass spikes that are longer and stiffer and held with a higher grip than other high school vaulters. And he has designed the speed, strength and technique to bend and control the return of poles for vaulters as heavy as 195 pounds – 50 over his own weight.

"Think of a pea on a plastic spoon that shoots over a cafeteria," said Greg Duplantis. Englisch: www.goredsea.com/en_magazine-archiv…december2006. Of the. "The spoon is elastic, pulling the plastic back, and the stiffer it is, the harder it comes back and the more the pea goes."

Last year, Mondo Duplantis became the first high school vaulter 18 feet inside. This height has now become routine for him. He jumps more than a foot higher in the open. Last month, in response to an online challenge by Kendricks, Andreas Duplantis released a video with his brother clearing 18 feet 1/2 inches 10 times in 28 minutes, a remarkable display of endurance and consistency.

The Bar

"He's coming out of his cocoon this year," said Kendricks. "Now he's a freakin 'butterfly." Correction: April 23, 2017

Due to an error in processing, an earlier version of this article misunderstood the world record of the French pole vault Renaud Lavillenie It is 20 feet 2 1/2 inches, not 20 feet 1/2 inch.

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Misty Copeland and Sally Field on the Social Importance of Her Success

She has used her influence to promote greater inclusiveness in dance and in society, not only through her performances, but also in endorsement- Deals, especially with the clothing Company Under Armor, and with their three books: a best-seller memoir, "Life in Motion: an unlikely ballerina"; The children's book "Firebird"; And recently "Ballerina Body", which was released in March.

Photo Mrs. Copeland is the first African-American dancer in the history of the American Ballet Theater. Credit Hilary Swift for the New York Times

At lunch at Charlie Bird in SoHo (grilled octopus and Burrata for Mrs. Copeland, roast chicken with rocket salad for Mrs. Field) they discussed the social significance of their success, the complicated

Philip Galanes Do you know why we have brought you together? Oh, darling

PG ] Because you've reinvented the way people see you. That a prima ballerina brown skin and curves can have. That a great dramatic actress in stupid sitcoms can begin. When you first understood that you had to fight for it

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SF Well, it is harder for women in any arena than for men. It's just like that. And even more in show business where they push women into stereotypical small boxes. But I also fought the television itself. If you had a TV success in the 70s, you could never go into the film. My agents and managers said, "No, no, no You're not pretty enough You're not good enough."

PG Did you believe them

SF Of course not. I fired them But I also believed them We all have so many pieces in us. A piece was hurt because my feelings were hurt. Another piece, a driving one, was freaking furious to tell that I was not good enough. But still stronger than that was my desire to find the butterfly in me, which I first found in the seventh class and made my first scene on a school stage. Something happens. I found my own voice. All the others who said: "Do not do this and do not. They were no longer there. I felt the glow of being alive. Then it was gone But I've spent the rest of my life to find it again and grow it and use it.

Misty Copeland When I first came to the Ballettwelt, I did not feel any limits, which is interesting, because there are so many limits for black women. Grown up as I did, struggled for everyday survival. Where are we going? What will we eat? That made me so introverted and so nervous about life. But when I came to the ballet, at 1pm, it was the first time that I felt calm and protected and beautiful. I felt deep kinship with you when I read that you had asked your mother to drive you to the middle school before it began to run as a test run.

PG [1945901] I've also done that.

MC I wish I had known you. "19459006] MC My fear was that people would find out what was actually happening In my life I was so ashamed: the abuse of my stepfather who lived in a motel I was always hiding I thought that if I was punctual and perfect nobody would ask me questions Ballet was the first time – I know this sounds crazy, standing on a big stage, under bright lights – but it was the first time I felt safe, no one could touch me, no one could tell me something I could express myself, and nothing else meant [MyfamilywasalsocolorfulnotassophisticatedasMisty'sbuttherewasabigabusebutIwasfortunatetogotoschoolwhenThepublicschoolchildrentheKWerepresentedAndIwasinsatiableIcouldbeonthestageIcouldbeuglyIcouldbemean PG And the people have encouraged you

MC Oh, yes. None of the other things were thrown at me until I became professional: you are too short; Your boobs are too big; You're too muscular. And oh, you're black. It was never a black woman to reach this stage at a ballet company. That's when I felt defeated. But then this fire appeared in me. It was like, "No, I will!" As soon as I realized that it was not about me, but what I could represent and change in the ballet world for others gave me an even greater boost.

PG You were both young Juggernauts. Sally played in popular sitcoms as a teenager. Misty flew up the ballet ladder and entered the Corps de Ballet at A.B.T. At 17. Then there was a stalling. Misty stopped moving so fast; Sally did not change to serious roles. SF When I was discovered – like "wham!" And only entered into a television series – I could not see enough dream. But when I worked, my dreams began to open. I wanted to be a real actor. I wanted to learn the craft, and all I knew was what I learned in high school. But it was not until I came to the actor studio and started working with Lee Strasberg that I really knew where I wanted to go. I was "the flying nun" during the day and did some funny exercises in the actor studio at night. But I could not even come to the list to read for serious roles. I said to myself, "That's because I'm not good enough. If I'm good enough, it will change."

PG And did it?

SF It did, but I did not know if it was so because I was good enough. Finally, I came into the door, but I had to fight like the holy hell. I would hear people say, "Who let them in? We do not want them here." But I would swallow my anger and use it to focus, because I only knew I would be hired I would be better than anyone else.

MC I can not imagine dealing with external, verbal attacks like this. PG When did you say you had to "lengthen" when you lose "five pounds"?

MC It's all coded in the ballet.

Photo Ms. Field, left and Mrs. Copeland reflected on the political importance of her work in the early days of the trump administration. Credit Hilary Swift for the New York Times

SF But that's almost worse, is not it?

MC No, I used the same fuel to prove that black dancers are just as capable, even though I knew it. German:. Www.mjfriendship.de/de/index.php?op…20&Itemid=32 Much better than the others to be successful. For years and years, I've been watching white dancers coming in – when I knew I was more talented or more deeply involved – but had to sit back and see. But I have not ceased to work. PG [19459257] Did you look for help as Sally made with Lee Strasberg

MC Yes. Coaches in particular and former ballerinas from the company. I worked with actors to help me tell stories on the stage. If you are a main dancer, it is about telling the company a story. That's it good Not just out there and dancing technically, but really a character. I fell in love with it, and it came to get help.

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PG They are both political proponents. Sally came in the late 60's and played in one of the great political films, "Norma Rae". Misty's refrain in her memory of her first solo role with A.B.T. "That's for the little brown girl." Were these your political awakenings?

MC It was absolutely when I woke up. These brown girls held me tight They know you have a bigger purpose – that it's more than just about you on this stage, it's all the dancers who have come before and those who will come later – it makes the fight a lot Easier to handle.

Photo Ms. The field plays in "The Glass Menagerie" on Broadway. Credit Hilary Swift for the New York Times

SF The coming of age in the 60s, I felt very much the marching feet of my generation. I was not in the march, but I could feel the unrest. Vietnam and the women's movement had a great influence on me, although it was like a conversation going down the hall. I was so long hidden and so focused on the work, then I had my children so early and they were my focus. It was not until the end of the 70s, early 80s, when I started working with [the film director] Marty Ritt that I really woke up. SF No, I was taught by the characters that I was born, And I've learned so much from them because I've spent so much time getting into their shoes

PG This readiness to see reminds me of one Time after I came out when I was working on a question that was unfair to gay people .. My boss said, "Oh, I do not even see you so gay." Have you ever got that

I do not see you so black. "Like it's a negative thing to be black, but I know you and you're nice, so I do not see you like that "It is completely offensive." Black swans? "It has really come home.I was stuck in the Corps de Ballett, and the article called all the big ballet companies, including A.B.T .:" Where are the black women? We do not see them in your companies. "I felt totally defeated as there was no hope for me, and when I went to work the next day, a colleague who is a good friend said," Have you seen this ridiculous article? "I remember, To feel so angry and break them for them and let them know how the subject affects me personally It is more difficult to deal with higher ops without their feelings being attacked but they have come a long way

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SF All this goes so deeply into what is going on with our society now, whether it is race or women, gay questions or labor rights PG It 's like Misty' s Under Armor ad: After all, a company says: "What does a ballerina look like? This is an athlete! "And the next thing you know, the company CEO says that President Trump is a fortune for the nation. Is there any way you can make it glide, in the face of the President's comments on the colors and women? I would not be able to be and continue the way I am when I hide under the radar and pay the checks, I did not want to go there And the company and Kevin Plank, I would never be part of an organization that I would not really represent , The CEO, and all the work they do in Baltimore and underprivileged communities, it seemed as if something was wrong with the story.

PG You said you I have Private conversations with Mr. Plank. Do you have?

MC Yes. And when you see the whole interview, his comments were taken out of context.

SF I'm glad to hear that.

PG Nevertheless, the hard times. When I saw Sally's "Glass Menagerie," I thought, "These are the most desperate wings I've ever seen. It felt almost symbolic for the Trump presidency. This family is pushed into a corner; They would try almost anything.

SF Well, I dramatize a woman who refuses to see her children as they are. They can not learn from them or love them as they exist in the world. This is a tragedy that cripples her daughter and forces her son to leave. And [the director] Sam Gold has increased the stakes in every respect.

PG Exactly. The family is in distress; It is not a noble poverty. (19459002) MC As an artist, there is more power and responsibility to bring people together to fill the emptiness of love and unity.

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SF Yes, the arts now have a powerful role. On the stage, we need to hear things that are difficult to hear, difficult to know. But when Misty dances, so present and alive, her message is there for us. And with "The Glass Menagerie" it is a chance to say something important and really mean it.

PG Is there such a thing as political dance? How would it be expressed?

MC Well, dance can tell a political story. But there's only so much I can say when I'm on the stage. Dancers are not given a voice. "19459005] PG In many ways, you are the first dancer I know who has a voice, through your books and sayings Engagements and endorsements SF Sie Misty said, "This is my voice. Listen to it. "

MC The company has also made not to travel to certain places at certain times, even if it means to take a financial hit.I stepped back from the Council Council [ButIamnotsureifitwouldbeagoodideatogototheWhiteHouseandIdoubtthatitwouldbethecase"[19459]" [on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition] " In the air The women 's marches, the immigration protests – observe and talk about the affected people Do you see yourself as a part of this movement, or do you have more influence on the stage

MC For me It is a combination of the two. Thanks to the platforms I have and the chances of agreeing what I stand when people come to the theater to dance me, I believe they feel even more, the power of what I do Tue offstage

SF I also feel a certain responsibility to get up and speak. Because things are happening right now, the wrong are Defunding Planned Parenthood, Defense of the Arts, Public Radio. It is shameful. And I love this country.

PG Let us go back in the end. Is the stage still the place where you feel most beautiful, as if you were girls?

SF It is the place where I am the most. The place I really exist, although I play a different person. But they are really my heart.

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MC Absolutely! It's a bit developed, but the performance serves the same purpose in my life as it was when I was 13: I feel free. I feel loved. I am confident. I feel beautiful.

Correction: April 22, 2017

An earlier version of this article did not adequately alter Misty Copeland's achievement. She was the first female African-American to be the main dancer at the American Ballet Theater. Desmond Richardson, who joined the company in 1997, was his first African-American dancer.

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Charge Rodrigo Duterte with mass murder, attorney tells The Hague

Mr. Duterte was elected president last year after committing himself to kill criminals as part of what he called a drug war. Since last June's office, he has repeatedly prompted the police to kill suspects and promised to protect or forgive police officers who are being persecuted.

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According to police statistics, more than 4,000 people were killed by the police in antidrug operations or by vigilants in drug cases since Mr. Duterte became president. The complaint of Mr. Sabio puts this figure to more than 8000.

In addition, the complaint cited the killings of more than 1,400 people who advocated Mr. Sabio and rights were over 28 years in Mr. Duterte Anti- Kriminalkampagne in the city of Davao

The complaint also mentions the Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre; The national policeman, Ronald dela Rosa; House of Representatives Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez; And two senators, Peter Cayetano and Richard Gordon.

The Duterte government did not respond immediately to the filing, but last month, after being accused of crimes against the humanity of Human Rights Watch, a spokesman for Mr. Duterte, declined this allegation

] "A war on crime is not a war against humanity," said the spokesman Ernesto Abella. "On the contrary, it is a war that protects humanity against modern evil. To say differently is to undermine the legitimate desire of society to be free from fear and to meet the interests of the criminals."

Documentary Court complaint Duterte of mass murder

A Philippine lawyer asked the International Criminal Court in The Hague To pursue President Rodrigo Duterte and 11 other Philippine officials on the killings of thousands of people over three decades.

OPEN Dokument

The International Criminal Court, which deals with cases of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes, was founded by international agreement. The Philippines signed up in 2011.

The court can only take cases under certain conditions, even if the nation system is not in a position to investigate or pursue.

Sabio has represented two men, Edgar Matobato and Arturo Lascañas who say they are members of the Davao Death Squad, a unit that they say was founded and directed by Mr. Duterte when he was mayor of Davao City Was.

Both publicly said that the death squad was founded with the aim of going for small drug traffickers, but was also used to eliminate the political opponents of Mr. Duterte.

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Lord. Sabios complaint that Mr. Duterte, after he became president, replicated the methods of the Davao Death Squad nationwide, including the planting of false evidence, cash payments to murderers, collaboration with the local authorities and police authority and order.

"The basic material marks or elements in the out-of-court executions in the Davao Death Squad in Davao City and the continued extrajudicial executions, after President Duterte became the president, are too numerous and too obvious to pay attention to "

The complaint cites investigations by Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International and a statement by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines, which has condemned the anti-riot campaign as" rule of terror "

Mr. Sabio argues that the international court has the responsibility to investigate and prosecute those responsible for the killings because an impartial investigation would be impossible in the Philippines where the President and his allies control the political and legal systems of the country.

There were very few investigations by the police of the killings of police officers who condemn themselves when they are condemned. An investigation in the Philippine Senate was derailed by the allies of Duterte in Congress, and the Senator, who arrested them on drug charges, said they should silence them. The Philippine Human Rights Commission conducted an investigation into the killings in Davao in 2009, but no charges of detention [19459203]

An opposition legislator filed an accusation against Mr. Duterte last month and accused him of murder and crimes against humanity, but the resolution Has little chance of running in a house dominated by Duterte allies.

"During the time he was the mayor of Davao City, President Duterte never lifted a finger to investigate the thousand kills that occur under the Davao Death Squad," the complaint says. "This is precisely because he is personally involved afterwards."

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A 12-year-old 800-mile drive across Australia

Photo Lightning Ridge, on the outskirts of the outback in Australia. The conditions of the roads in the area can wear down, with long, empty stretches for miles. Credit Conor Ashleigh for the New York Times

SYDNEY, Australia – Some of you probably suspect your youth is filled with adventure because you drove your parents' car to the local pizzeria than you were, Year old?

Well, just try to compete with: police officers near the Australian mining town Broken Hill held a sports utility vehicle Saturday, which was driven by a 12-year-old boy who was traveling in the middle From nowhere , Driving alone, for 800 miles.

And he was only a third of the way to his chosen destination on the other side of this vast country. The deputy

The police said the boy, who had not been identified, took the family car and drove in on Friday from his house Kendall to Small Town about 220 miles northeast of S Ydney

The distance between there and Perth, at the far western end of the country, is about 4,300 kilometers or 2,700 miles.

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How far is that? It's similar to the ride from New York to Los Angeles, which is a bit more than 2,800 miles or from Ottawa to Edmonton.

A quick reminder: The boy is 12. And while it is common for young people in Australia and around the world to drive tractors or other vehicles at a young age, this boy succeeded in the main streets For a whole day without being found or to be harmed. The police said he was stopped at 11am on Saturday, which means that he spent one night alone in the street.

How far has he really gone?

The distance covered does not look so much on a map, especially in Australia's size, but the 800 miles he drove – again, alone, as a 12-year-old – is about the equivalent of the long and A hassle ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles, back and forth, with a few dozen more miles thrown for rest and food

Or for our non-American readers, it's like driving from Paris to Prague , The decision, which is not far enough, then decides to go to Vienna.

Averting Danger

Road trips in Australia is a little different than rides in many other places. The police said the boy had clear and concrete plans, but to complete his intended journey, he would have to drive through the Nullarbor Plain, a flat, desolate, hot and largely empty stretch in the south, about four times as large as Belgium


Those who have made the drive warn people to pack additional petrol and car parts – in addition to abundant food and water – because gas stations are so far apart

Tourism Board advises that People take six days just to get over the Nullarbor. Driving at night is not recommended due to the risk of encountering stray Emus, kangaroos, wombats or camels. Yes, camels: About 100,000 wild animals are there, the offspring of animals that are imported to help build barrages.

Online, just a mere mention of the ride across Australia often arouses references to something that is even more frightening: "Wolf Creek," a well-known Australian horror film about murders in the Outback.

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It is to be noted that the boy is safe. He was released on Sunday to the care of his parents, and the police said they had hoped to talk with the boy and his parents on Monday. An investigation of the incident continues, and the police have not said much beyond.

"It is quite unusual," said a spokeswoman for the police in an interview on Monday. "It is not something that occurs every day."

Online, Australian responded Australians with awe and inquiries. Several people seemed to be impressed that the boy had managed to get a quick ticket and that he would even accept such an expedition. Others have raised a number of questions, some of which also share different reporters, including:

• How did he pay for gas?

• Who taught him how to drive

• What compels a 12-year-old to do something urgent?

• Did his parents miss him, and if so, when?

• What kind of punishment does the boy face of the police or his parents

• Is something deeper or darker with this story we are not aware of

Review of Updates

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