Tom Hanks watched co-star Emma Watson as she watched the new movie The Circle

It looks as if Tom Hanks and Emma Watson are famous

] The couple stood with their arms around each other as they went to the red carpet before screening their new movie The Circle.

The mega stars worked together for the first time on the cyber thriller and seemed happy to be in the company of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Wednesday.

Harry Potter star Emma looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder white dress that showed one of her long pens thanks to a large slit at the front.

Read more Emma looked stunning in an off-the-shoulder white dress (Photo: SplashNews) Did she miss a point? (Photo: Rex Features)

She completed her look with a classic up-do, a red clutch and a pair of strap sandals.

Tom, who looks classically pretty in a smart suit and shiny shoes, watched Emma and a hand lovingly laid on her back as they walked the red carpet together.

And in a photo, the actors seem to stare at Emma's foot, perhaps to check that she has not missed a point when she painted her toenails

Emma has convinced herself how exciting it was, With Tom (Photo: FilmMagic) Tom looked classic pretty in a sharp suit (Photo: FilmMagic)

Emma had previously gone over the Oscar winner and thanked her lucky stars that she had been there To work for him.

She told ET Online: "You only think of yourself." There is no way that this guy will live up to his reputation. "And then he does and it is like:" What ?! Really? "

" He is funny and friendly and generous to work and very hard to work and he is all things. He is all the things. "

Read more It's their first time working together (Photo: FilmMagic) They seem to make themselves famous (Photo: FilmMagic)

In the film, based on Dave Eggers & # 39; bestselling novel of the same Emma's character directs her dream job at a powerful tech company just to discover his hidden agenda – something that will affect the lives of her friends, family and all humanity.

Emma added, It was wonderful to work with him. It was a really personal relationship for me, so it's not something I feel comfortable about … but it was wonderful. "


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